Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mooseman Race Report

Well in a sentence I put together a good race on Sunday. I set a new PR, didn't cramp, didn't blow up, beat my goal time, drafted for most of the swim, had a negative bike split, didn't get caught on the run (Tim Snow doesn't really count: I had just passed him on the bike...plus he's just a running machine.) didn't have any GI issues....pretty good day all around.

On to race details.
Transition set-up was uneventful. I noticed that I would be dodging a tree conveniently located in the middle of our lane. I grumbled at the guy next to me who put his stuff on the right side of his bike and was crowding me, but it's the way it goes and no harm done. (I think the SuperSprint in Melbroune is the only race that I can remember where they MADE you put your transition gear to the left of your bike.)

I didn't heed the opinion of the other Triathletes staying at our "Inn" (Aka ugly blocky house with a couple of rooms to rent out). They were suggesting that Newfound lake was warm enough not to wear a neoprene swim cap. I think they just didn't have one and so were talking them selves into it.
Ever the weenie when it comes to being cold I opted to wear mine the the ~60 degree water. After five minutes or so of battle-swimming I thought I might be on the quick track to overheating...but 60 degrees? That's cold right? Felt cold. Didn't overheat.

The rest of my swim was concerned with trying to find some toes to follow. Craig suggested that whenever someone was starting to swim past me I swim right next to them. You know. Catch a draft. Which I understand when you're behind them. But aprarently there's a draft when you're next to them. But all I seemed to catch was a hand in the face or a palm full of neoprenene. I gotta work on this technique.
Spending all my time trying to look for toes around me made the swim wizz by. An awesome contrast to getting to the first big buoy and looking at your watch then thinking, "Oh man this is gonna take forever."

Upon emerging from the water I felt small twinges of cramps emerging in my legs and thought I was in for a gruesome slog of a ride run brick. I mean who has leg cramps after half an hour of swimming?
The wetsuit stripping was a bit of a mess. I had a hand full of swim caps and goggles that I was trying to pull through the arm my Zenith. But the kids manning the stripping station did a good job of pull off the arms and legs of my suit. Thanks!

After donning the glasses and lid I grabbed my velo and weaved past transitioners and the Tree that inconviently happened to be flanked by some bloke that had an unluckly number placing him tree side. I adeptly threaded that needle and cross-hopped on my pony up up and away.

It's always exciting passing people. And it's always exciting going fast. But holding back is the name of the game. So after leapfrogging a fast swimming 35+ Quebequoiser for way longer than I wanted (15 minutes or so) I settled into my HR and a groove.
When I started to pull up to Kropelnicki and a close following Pat Wheeler I was a bit concerned I was hitting it too hard. I know what Jesse can do but I was right on plan and so kept trucking along.
Oh and then I pulled up to Tim Snow about a lap later and was just hoping that he was dogging the bike to throw down a nasty run. (He was)

The death of my HRM last week led me to borrow my sister's watch which does pulse and overall time but no splits. Making the third leg not only a run but a math test as I tried to calculate my pace.
Tim and I had a chat as he stolled by. He told me to watch out for the carnage ahead and to keep steady.

After mile two I started to settle into a managable pace. The three turn arounds are great for checking out where the competition sits. It's a bit tough to know who's who on the second lap, but it gives you someting to keep your mind busy.

I was happy to post a new PR and happy to smash my goal time. I'll be even happier if I have another great day on August 23rd.

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