Friday, June 12, 2009

Easton Parts

Hey crew.

I'm pretty confident that the half dozen people that check into this site have complete bikes and don't need new parts or don't have bikes and don't need new parts.
But I'm gonna throw this out there just the same.

I have a seatpost and a fork that need a new home.

The seatpost is a new "in box" (it's actually a bag, nevertheless it hasn't been opened), Easton EC70, 31.6mm diameter, 350 mm length. It's good for MTB or road, is wicked light at 215 grams. Plus Easton's CNT's will keep your cottontail more cushed than that aluminum post your curently ridding.

The fork is an Easton EC90 SLX 700 cc. It's lightly used, never crashed and shows nary a wear. It's touted as one of the lightest forks available, with a weight in under 325 grams. It's got a 1 1/8" steerer tube (standard on most road bikes). Looks sick in slick black. Retails for over $400. I belive the steerer is cut, but there's still ten inches left.

Prices are negotioable for both. I'm asking 90 for the seatpost and 190 for the Fork.

Drop a line if you're at all interested



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