Monday, October 5, 2009

What A Great Day

The weather was brutal on Saturday for my threshold run in the wild and the rain and for the first day of cross racing in Gloucester. The all day ran made for an insanely muddy course. I heard reports from years past that Gloucester can be a grass crit...but I've never raced it so what do I know: That I was bummed to not be duking it out in the mud-fest.

It cleared up on Sunday and the course dried out a lot. I've got some footage of starts and some lap footage I'll try and put up now.

I caught the start of the Elite Woman's and then had to take off for my own training ride...on the roads...sigh. But before I left the house I tracked down a portable radio I got for Christmas a couple of years ago. I swapped out the battery and low and behold the thing works. You konw what that means right?
Sunday afternoon ride in the fall with a radio? That's ride. It was a Pats ride!

Granted the reception kept fading in and out until I started to closer towards Boston, and it was hard to really focus on the game a lot of the time. But I got the jist and could pay attention during my cool down, which coincided with the exciting last couple of minutes of play.

Plus Evelyn was in her first race and did really well. And the day was capped off with a killer roast with veggies.

Boog's First Race from Toby on Vimeo.

Pretty awesome day.