Saturday, October 23, 2010

MRC Race Report

Hey, we'll it's been a week since the Minuteman Race Club Cross race out in Lancaster. So it might still be a little early for me to put up a race report, but here's a brief summery:

Since I registered day of, I got lucky number 47 and lined up in the back. But there was room to grab a line going up the outside on the right. I put a big move down and ended up near the top ten or so heading into the first turn...yippie! Good start!

It all went by pretty quickly, but I got in with a good line of guys and tried to close down gaps in the technical stuff and suck a wheel during those long open stretches that anhaliate me. I was bumping on the wheel of Matt Mitchell and got a pass in the back tech before the 'litter box'. From there I was feeling solid (aside from the quad twinges) and was pulling away from Mr. Mitchell and realing in Mr. Smith, whom I had a hankering to catch. But then we got about half way in to three to go and things went south. I had no response on the straights and found it harder to accelerate out of the turns.

I can think of a handful of excuses but the short of it is that I had a solid 45 minutes in my legs and then I dropped three places. It was a bit frustrating, but it's still the first cross race I jumped into and we've got more to figure it out in. Still 9th is okay! Yippee.