Monday, March 24, 2008

The up and up

So I saw the best physical therapist in the Conn. river valley today and got promising news. Todd Miller told me that there seems to be no tear, no complications with my back or hips that could be causing hamstring pain and that my injury was most likely due to over ridding, dehydration and a physical strain.
It's on to slow and deliberate training and I'll be doing 30/30's in no time. Well, we'll see. But at least I'll be back on the bike and getting my rehab on.

As for being back in Vermont, it's freaking cold here. Except for the precipitation, the weather is looking decent for the rest of the week! Getting some volume, round 2 here we go!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Wed ~5:00 pm
It's really raining out. Hard.

Which doesn't really bother me too much because I can't run or bike anyway. Swimming went alright this morning. It's nice being the only one in a six lane pool. But kind of weird when the only thing the life guard has to do is watch you swim.
A trainer had to call him up from the front desk to come and guard. I felt bad interrupting his lunch. It was free hot dog day at the Y after all.

Thursday ~11:00 am

It's amazingly sunny out now. I'm super rested. It was hard to fall asleep at 11 last night and the thought of a nap seems ludicrous. The swim and some lifting was good yesterday but it's so easy to doubt myself right now. It's so frustrating and so hard to think/know that I'm going to be fast when I'm so tight and injury prone. Seriously why do I do this and put so much effort into it?

We went fishing on Sunday. Abby is amazingly over stimulated with the whole ordeal. She runs up and down the boat checking out every cast and each baited hook. I caught the only fish and Jon still owes me 5 bucks.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring "Training"

For a couple of years I've been thinking about coming down here to South Carolina to do some volume training while the weather is still marginal in New England. I finally made it this spring with high hopes of some timely volume.
Down here in Laurens, SC the weather is much warmer (although still cool, leg/arm warmers cool), I have a place to stay, friends to stay with, a pool and weights at the Y (which are both pretty nice), the flight wasn't very expensive or long. Things couldn't be nicer while southern Vermont is scheduled for three days of wintry mix.
Things would be even better if on Saturday morning I wasn't a little too zealous about getting back onto the lifting track. What a rookie mistake. Too much weight too quickly. Instead of just progressively increasing the weight over three or four sessions throughout the week I had to push it the first day. In exchange for cashing in some short-sighted exuberance, I received a vicious 4 am wakeup Sunday from an incredibly inflamed right hamstring. I tried the old "just get back to sleep and it'll be better in the morning" but had to resort to some Celebrex (perhaps not optimal, but all I could find) and 30 minutes of frozen peas. 36 hours later it's still pretty tender. A very small ache was nothing out of the ordinary Sunday morning, but I guess the OD bike ride did it in.
For now its ice, rest and periodicals at the Laurens library. I'll try swimming tomorrow morning and take it from there.