Monday, March 24, 2008

The up and up

So I saw the best physical therapist in the Conn. river valley today and got promising news. Todd Miller told me that there seems to be no tear, no complications with my back or hips that could be causing hamstring pain and that my injury was most likely due to over ridding, dehydration and a physical strain.
It's on to slow and deliberate training and I'll be doing 30/30's in no time. Well, we'll see. But at least I'll be back on the bike and getting my rehab on.

As for being back in Vermont, it's freaking cold here. Except for the precipitation, the weather is looking decent for the rest of the week! Getting some volume, round 2 here we go!


Meg said...

hey what about a FOAM ROLLER!!!!!!! I love reading about your training....keep it up!

Brian Burns said...

Glad you're feeling better dude... that's a relief.

I just linked to your blog from my new one ( so you should get a DELUGE of traffic soon.


Toby said...

Meglette, you'll have to send one up to me, I seem to have lost mine.

And Briski, I appreciate the bump, my hits are already off the charts! ;)