Monday, April 7, 2008

Tri Bike

Ahh!!! After 5 years of racing Triathlons on a steel road bike I finally have a time trial specific bike.
Courtesy of Belmont Wheelworks I will be racing the 2008 season on a Cervélo P2C. I'm pretty elated that I won't be held back because of a large mechanical disadvantage. I'm also very excited to see what kind of times I can crank out on the new machine.
Due to sickness and injury (and the weather) I've only ridden it a couple of times on the rollers and once out side. It was definately a little challenging getting used to the position, the shifting, the turning and slogging up hills. But, needless to say sustaining 20mph on a level 1/2 ride feels pretty fun and fast. And going fast is always fun.

Here's a shot and you should add a pair of Zipp 404's to the picture. The training wheels are on for now. They should be off Mid-May.

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