Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The End Of Tri Season

Hey. Tri season's over.

I wrapped things up at Syracuse a week and a half ago, and it was a pretty good cap to the season. Here's a quick recap of that race:

Cold(ish) swim. 62 degrees. I tried to push it hard the whole way but still came out of the water in 33 minutes. Sigh.

The first 11 miles or so of the bike were up hill. Like 1500 feet of climbing to the highest point on of the race. I tried to keep the pace higher than I would normally, knowing that the rest of the course was an elevation loss. I kept the juice on for the rest of the foggy, rainy bike and pulled out a 2:18. Decent for so much early climbing.

I've been fighting some (more) running related injuries, and knew it was gonna hurt on the run. Hence, pushing it an extra notch on the bike. First few miles were downhill and I was going faster than I wanted to. But hey, it was downhill right? Things got tough down about the Applebees, and that part that looked flat when I drove it seemed pitched when I ran it. I suffered through the last few miles, willing myself to run smoothly. I crossed the line in 4:21:30 and hit the med-tent for some saline. Nice.

Despite more injuries perseason than ever. I've had my strongest season of results yet. Three wins, a jug of syrup, a wetsuit, a bike pump, $50 to Wheelworks, a plaque, a trophy, a handful of medals.

Time to lube my rusty Cross chain and get more racing done, yah? Yah.