Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pricey Yogurt

When I first saw siggi's yogurt and it's accompanying $2.50 price tag, my first thought was, "Who would pay $2.50 for a thing of yogurt." Then my second thought was,"Man, I gotta try that yogurt."
But alas my frugality restricted me.

Nevertheless, like the true American that I am, (And Welldini, for that matter) I had a hard time passing by the siggi's on sale in the dairy isle. I think I saved a whole thirty cents but thought of it as research. And as a special treat. And as a reward, for what I'm not sure. But I'm pretty good at coming up with excuses to justify moments of dietary weakness.

But on to the yogurt, or skyr as the Icelandics like to call it.
I didn't realize 'til I got home that the nutrition facts are totally awesome. No fat. Very little sugar, 10 g's. And 16, yes, 16 grams of protein per 6oz cup. Compare that to a Stonyfield Peach with 22g sugar and only 6g protein.

I'm a big proponent of getting protein from natural sources instead of shakes and bars. And this stuff def fits the bill. Granted if you're gonna eat it on a regular basis your food bill has to not be a big concern. But the dollar to gram of protein ratio between Stonyfield and siggi's is about the same.
Also, on the inside of the label Siggi explains that skyr is yogurt with the water strained away, making if dense and equivalent to three cups of 'regular' yogurt.

Plus with yogurt you get Live Cultures. And siggi's Blueberry only has 5 ingredients (plain has three). One of the ingredients being agave nectar and no cane sugar.

The yogurt itself eats more like a mousse than the watery slime we're used to. The down side of so few sugars: it's not sweet. Instead there's a subtle hint of blueberry flavor that's pleasantly lead out by a sharp tang.

It's good stuff and I'd recommend giving it a go. Especially if you've do something worthy of a reward.