Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Craponial

So I don't think I've complained about the Colonial Pool and Spa yet. But I should have. To start I would just like to say that this is the only lap pool in town. So I options are pretty limited. It's like being stuck in an airport and having to buy a $10 Big Mac.
I'm just gonna spout off a quick list of the crappy things about the colonial: the carpeted "locker room" (who puts carpet in the locker room at pool?! Gonna get kinda wet), the fan that is trying to dry out the carpet, the two and a half foot shallow end, the vinyl pool liner, no lane lines on the new vinyl liner, pushing off of the vinyl liner, the smell of the vinyl liner, the way the temp. gets colder as you swim towards the deep end, only having three narrow lanes, the all day swimming lessons that take up two thirds of the pool, the crowded one third of the pool when there are swimming lessons, ladies coming into the mens locker room looking for their kids, and oh did I mention the $78 a month membership fee!, and then having to pay 50 cents for a fricken towel!
That last part is the real pisser. I would understand if this was a proper sports club. You know with exercise equipment, a weight room, racquetball and squash courts, a basketball court etc. But no, you get a crap treadmill, a bike and an erg tossed into the waiting room. It's such a joke.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The First 100

It actually felt pretty good to get back in the pool tonight. I don't have much of a swimming history so I'm pretty surprised to find my self writing that. But I'm noticeably getting more comfortable swimming progressively long distances. Last September cranking a monstrous 200 was a tall order. Now I can comfortably do 500 repeats. Not that that's too much to brag about.

But, what really felt good was getting in and floating through the first 100-200 meters; That good timing, the quick solid flips, grabbing hold of the water, not yet focusing on technique. After the first 100 I must acclimate to the sensation and the mechanics of being in the water and then the laps become a little more routine. But those first few sure are the freshest

Monday, April 7, 2008

Tri Bike

Ahh!!! After 5 years of racing Triathlons on a steel road bike I finally have a time trial specific bike.
Courtesy of Belmont Wheelworks I will be racing the 2008 season on a Cervélo P2C. I'm pretty elated that I won't be held back because of a large mechanical disadvantage. I'm also very excited to see what kind of times I can crank out on the new machine.
Due to sickness and injury (and the weather) I've only ridden it a couple of times on the rollers and once out side. It was definately a little challenging getting used to the position, the shifting, the turning and slogging up hills. But, needless to say sustaining 20mph on a level 1/2 ride feels pretty fun and fast. And going fast is always fun.

Here's a shot and you should add a pair of Zipp 404's to the picture. The training wheels are on for now. They should be off Mid-May.