Friday, January 30, 2009

Thailand Here I Am

So. Thailand.

I'm in Chiang Mai and things are looking up. In a nut shell my visit to Phuket was a disaster. It's really expensive. Really hot. Really busy roads. I made it down there for a few days and realized that there's no way i would be able to afford things there and that it was going to be too difficult to get around the island to meet up with the other Triathletes.

So I spent two long days on busses going up to Bangkok and then on to Chiang Mai the next day. A total of 24 hours on busses. But there were plenty of stops and plenty to look at.

Chiang Mai is much cooler. I've found two sweet looking pools. One is at the Univeristy. And the other is at the 700 Year Sports Complex. It was built for the SE Asia games in the early 90's. both are 50 meter. And neither one had many lane lines when I was there...which i thought was a little odd. Another down side is that they are both a ways from DT where all the guesthouses are.

Oh, and my respiratory infection is dying down. So I'm going to head out on the bike this afternoon as it cools down and head up Doi Suthep. It's a road that heads up the mountains that flank Chiang Mai. It leads to some Wats and a royal palace. Gonna put my new Pro Machine to the test.

I'll let you know how it goes.