Wednesday, August 11, 2010

W Is My New Favorite Letter

Yes yes, we're a little late here in posting this.
But that doesn't negate my wins baby!

Way back in June I raced the Holliston Lions Triathlon.
The swim was one of the roughest I can remember. For a short little sprint, it was mayham. The pond was shallow with a bunch of reeds and the RD decided to make the swim into an out and back instead of the planned triangle. Standing on the shore it looked like a pretty short 1/4 mile out to the last buoy. The swim times seem to concur. The crazy thing about the out and back was the inevitable head-on with someone crossing the line. Ah the joys and fun.

The bike actually had a bit of elevation change...well you know...for a sprint. Traffic and passing on the three laps of the bike and I worked my way into the lead. That was a cool feeling, looking over the transition area and seeing all the racks empty.

The run started with a steep pitch out of transition and the first four minutes or so were pretty much all up. I guess in hindsight that makes the 6:15 first mile unerstandable, but it still took a couple of miles to smooth into a groove. I looked back during the second mile and could see Mr. McCall not far enough back. I turned it over for the third mile and felt super smooth. Then brought it home and was happy to grab a top podium spot. Yee haa!

The following weekend we were up in VT for the 4th. I ended up awake with the sun and decided to jump into the Saxtons River 5k. The last minute decision helped to negate any prerace jitters and I went out to have some fun. I was gonna try and take it easy for the first half mile or so, but got a little nervous when I saw a couple of guys going out strong from the gun. So I changed course and chased them down. I ran with the leader for a few paces and then decided to see how I could do on the day. Meh, 17:48. Sub six's...I'll take it!

ummm... I so need to finish this, I sooo started it like two weeks ago.

The Falmouth Sprint was on the 18th and it's a great course. Richie Havens' swims are always fun, but kind of funky on distance, and there's usually a current and waves and that made for a fun swim. I actually started to pull away from other swimmers in the second half of the swim, that's a change. The bike has a great sections along the coast with some technical sections that are were a blast to ride. I got the word from a couple of specators that there was one rider ahead of me, but was somewhat disconcerted when I couldn't see him.
Coming out of T2 a volenteer at the transition exit told me I was 45 down. So when I could finally see Mr. Bothelo I was super pleased to have a split of only 25 seconds. I caught him and tried to have a chat, but he wasn't up for it. So asta lasagna I kept on cruising. Results post a run time of 18:12, but my mile parle 5:30, and that makes me happy. I grabbed Bear at the finish at we got in the Falmouth paper and the Cape Cod Times. Nice.

Okay that's if for those three.