Monday, June 15, 2009

Training Tool

It's inevitable that training's gonna get boring some times. Even when you try and keep it fresh and fun and's gonna happen. Music helps. But sometimes you've over played that "Push It Hard" playlist or can't handle another lap of that Boom Boom Pow.

What's an athlete to do?

Especially when I have an OD to do I've found that podcasts are the way to go. Sometimes thought provoking, frequently funny, occasionally sleepy (try and skip the latter), but they always seem to help the hours slip away.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

Radiolab has great topics and hosts mixed with an impressive medley of sound effects. They cover some pretty cool stuff so exercising or not check them out.

This American Life is a new standard. They've covered a lot of ground and have been around for a few years. Occasionally it's hit of miss, but usually Ira keeps you engaged.

The only other podcast that I listen to with any regularity is Wait Wait Don't Tell Me the weekly NPR news quiz show. Keeps you up to date with the week's news (kind of) but it's mainly good for some laughs.

Now as a disclaimer I don't recommended listening to any of the aforementioned shows while doing any kind of hard exercise (listen to something that'll keep you rocking), if you're trying to listen to beeps from your watch/computer/cylcolmeter (for intervals, zones etc) or if you're doing exercise that requires counting (such as laps, repeats etc).
I should probably say that you shouldn't listen to your headphones while ridding but I don't subscribe to that line of thought, but that's for another post.

Also, if you have any favorite podcasts please fill me in. Thanks.

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