Monday, June 1, 2009

The Old Stomping Grounds.

It only took four years but now I know the where to bike around Saratoga. There's actually a lot of it and I'm sure there's still more to explore. But the roads up around the springs are pretty awesome and picturesque. To the east of town are rolling hills through working dairy farms (I must have held my breath through at least five on Saturday), horse farms (mostly for racing I think), around the lake, past the Historical Park (which has a fun one way loop bt-dubs), the boathouse (I showed up there for 5:30's Freshman year and have the grades to show it). North and west of town are some hillier rides but some nice sights: the T House, a 55+ mph hill, ...wait two actually, and if you go up over the latter there's nice ridding around Sacandaga, and there's a ripper climb to Lake Desolation,
But Saturday I rode down by the lake and my favorite stretch of pretty road. In prep for Mooseman I was reacquainting myself to the aero helmet and gave the locals something to gawk at.

Off the bike I bricked it around town. There's actually a decent amount of running through the streets and on a few trails in the Spa Park. The springs are pretty ill, but are worth a taste. Naturally effervescent but best avoided on a run.

For quieter, softer and longer running there is an awesome network of trails behind the Skidmore Stables. Technically maintained by mountain bikers they're awesome to run on. You can connect to them through the trails at North Woods on Skidmore's campus, but it's a little tricky and you'll have to run the powerline trail to get to the network. The North Woods trails are also decent and there's some single track but you'll start to reloop before too long.

For more hiking/running there are some trails in and around Moreau State Park. But the trials aren't...or weren't...well maintained nor well marked, so bon chance. Plus they're on a ridge and steep. There's also supposed to an old quarry for swimming in that area, but I never found it.

Skidmore has the only lap pool that I know of and it's decent. But you could open water swim in Saratoga Lake, in a small part of Moreau Lake. That's all I know of.

So if you're in Spa City and are looking for a spot I hope this helps.


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