Friday, May 1, 2009

Mechanincs and Rain

There's no better feeling then getting on a bike that's just come back from the shop and is working smoothly. No noise. No skipping chain. No slow shifts. Breaks recoil correctly. Ahh it just feels suburb. So thanks Daq and Kevin for smoothing things out this past weekend for me.

On a more somber note. Riding in the rain is the worst. I can think of few thinks that are as uncomfortable as riding in the rain. Perhaps canoeing in the rain edges out riding (But it has to be a cold rain. Biking in a warm rain is still little fun.) Swimming in the rain is good. Running in the rain is good. Fishing in the rain is good. Planting veggies in the rain is fine. Biking in the rain....not so fine. So, that's how I feel about that. Plus it is inevitable that the day after you clean your bike or put on a new chain you're going to get rained on....and everything will be wicked dirty again. Sigh...

On a more positive note. I stopped by the October bikes 'factory' yesterday. Wicked cool. Andrew has a sweet little setup some very cool machining tools. Plus he's got his factory team riding in some pretty kits.

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