Friday, May 1, 2009


I went to the Formula One race while I was in Melbourne. The cars are very very cool. Technologically impressive. The wings, the down force, the KERS, the Redbull nose, the noise.

Unlike the American Lemans series that Jesse and I checked out at Lime Rock Park there's no way I (or any spectator really) was getting any where near these cars. Did get to check out some other cars that would race periodically between or before the F1 cars would practice. Still cool, but not of the same caliber.The bummer thing about watching car racing is that you stand in one spot and watch cars do the same thing around the same corner of track. Pretty much all the cars go through the corner in the same fasion so after half an hour the excitment wains. Plus they're going so fricken fast your head tic tocs back and forth worse than a tennis match. They're really loud.

But still really cool

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