Monday, April 13, 2009

Shipping Up To Boston


In five hours I'll be boarding my flight out of BKK in persuit of the Nordic hinterlands of the northeast. For the record it's 85 sunny and humid out right now. Nor have I seen a thermometer reading below 60 for the past 3 months. Feel sorry for me yet? I didn't think so.

I'm gonna have some back blogging to do. Like a race report for the St. Kilda Gatordae sprint race I did in the Melbs. And for the cheering I did at IM Australia. And for he double metric century I did through the bushfire ravaged hills of Victoria. And I have to tell about my crank falling off twice in one ride that coincieded with 3 puctures, only two patches, a hitchike to town, a new patchkit, a few more K's, rain, another hitchhike to another town and more rain. And I tried Bikram yoga. It's hot and sweaty and for whatever reason this outfit thought it wise to carpet the floor of their studio. It was like working out in a moldy sauna. Sweet.

Soon. Sooooooon. I'll get to those posts soooon.

I'm gonna grab a last couple of bites of delicious Thai caloric loving!


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