Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm in Trat, Thailand and it's nice.

Yesterday I cranked out 70k's in the evening after I arrived and was treated to a downpour while I was on the bike. It was so nice and cool. I saw a rainbow too.

It's rather warm during the day. There is a breeze throughout the afternoon and today it showered again cooling things off a tad. My room is only 100 Bhat a night. Killer. And there are street stalls with Fried. Killer.

I made it to a waterfall and had a swim today. Nice way to break-up the ride. But the pools had like tons of fish in them. They were harmless, but very weird to feel a fish pump up to you while swimming. I think creepy is the word.
I also found out that my sun-screen is not water-proof and have the sun burn on my arms to prove it. Sweet.

I tried to take a glamour shot of my bike at the waterfall but the picture isn't that well focused. Still kind of cute though right?

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