Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Favorite Trail

I'm gonna race 7 sisters trail race next week. I'm been trying to do some plyos and eccentric work so that I don't annihilate my legs. The locales of my travels did present the opportunity to do any good trail nor hill running.

Until now!!!
Boo yah

I hit up Blue Hills yesterday. The Skyline trail is a ripper of a trail and I would recommend it to any one who is ever near Milton. Probably one of my favorite trails of all time. It could do with a little more gentle inclines. It's surprisingly up and down. But some amazing sections and really good views of the city and the south shore.

Hughie and I once ran the whole kit in one shot. Epic run. Started raining for the last quarter. Needless to say the DOMS got the better of us for a couple days after that one.

The trails in the Fells can get pretty sweet and aren't as aggresive if you're looking for some great running around the Bean. Particularly if you hit the sections east of Woodland Rd.


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