Monday, August 25, 2008

Cranberry Country Race Report

Oh man it just wasn't there yesterday.

I know I'm not a good swimmer. But coming out of the water behind the rest of the Elite men (and the Elite women) pretty much set the mood for the race. I was feeling good in the mix for the first couple of buoys...okay for the first buoy...but then i was swimming next to Kim....and then right behind Kim....and then next to and behind the last little pack of women swimmers. And then just poking along by myself....sweet.
Looking back on the rest of the race it all seemed pretty automatic and uneventful. Flawless T1. (I was worried my new wetsuit would be hard to get off) I plunked along on the bike and picked off a couple of people, but it pretty much felt like a solo time trial. Those races with laps seem more exciting now. Flawless T2. (After watching UCI transitions I got a couple new ideas which worked okay)
I did have a runner about 20 seconds up but nothing was happening in the spunky legs department. I sucombed to the curse of the six minute miles and let the mile markers pass me by. My pre-race idea of body-glide-ed insoles led to slippery soles and lots of tiny little blisters from holes in my insoles. Which kind of sucked while I was running, but they look kind of cool.
So my crap day on the course ended my in 13th (1 second out of 12th...doh!) Guess these days happen. Onward and Upward.

Shwag: Finishers medal......sweet
Results are here

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