Thursday, August 14, 2008

Banish Bad Goggles

Oh man I fell victim to TYR's back cover advertising campaign and bought myself a pair of Nest Pro Metallized goggles. And yeah, they pretty much rock.
Purportedly they're designed to look like Beijing's Bird Nest, but I'm not so sure. But they are really comfortable and do look fairly bad ass. I wouldn't think that bad ass could come in "Lunar Metallic" but it does. One of the nice touches is that the hard plastic of the frame is set far away from your eye sockets. Plus it's got a thin profile. Oh so comfortable.

I also got a new pair of Aqua Sphere Kaiman's. Up till now my favorite goggle. So comfy and pretty good peripheral vision. The vision through the Nest Pro's took a view laps to get used to. But that could also be because I've been swimming in some r to the o the the u to the g to the h goggles (which brand shall remain nameless [it starts with an s and ends in o]) which really hurt my eyes. They have a narrow field of vision and when I pull them off I have to be really gentle because it feels like I've had a couple of soup spoons zip tied to my head. (with the rings to prove it) They did get me through a couple of races though and I was glad for the dark lenses on sunny race days.
But seriously there's just no comparison to the Nest of the Kaiman. (plus they don't leak)

So don't swim in pain! Good goggles are out there!

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