Friday, December 4, 2009

Cross Course at Wells House

So for the past couple years I've been building a little cross loop at my parents' house in VT.

I'm using a base of roads and trails that were built a ages ago (like the driveway, and the main road). Then I'm building in some new single track and trying to work a path through the fields. The hard part about the fields is that they're mowing fields. So the grass isn't super smooth and buttery like a lawn. It's actually really bumpy and slow.

Perhaps if I work out the best line and design for a route, I can till and mow the route with a lawnmower next year to smooth it out.

This is the first round of video from the loop. I started pretty recovered so am going a little too fast to get decent quality.

Since i shot this I've added a nice single track section out on the far side of the run/walk up. And that adds in a lot more dirt road.
I've also got a second set of barriers to put out.
With any luck I'll get some new video tomorrow and post some comments about the loop as I'm going around it.

Wells House Cross Course from Toby on Vimeo.

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