Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Post Breaking Crash

On Monday I went up to Bradley-Palmer and Willowdale to follow up on my assumption that they'd have good cross bike riding.

B-P is mostly carriage trails. Nevertheless it's still great fast riding. Willowdale has it's fair share of jeep/carriage trails but people have worked in a network of singletrack. The majority of which is root and rock free for a clean ride.

So I was rolling along, crushing it. Then I blew into this opening with a skinny sitting to the left. Sure, I can hit that...for about half of it. Then I go dropping to the right and manage to hit the back of my seat and somehow crack my seatpost. Which, is pretty surprising, because i wasn't really going that fast and the fall wasn't really that hard. But you can watch it for yourself.

Again this video is in diminished quality. Is my camera just that bad, or am I uploading it wrong? Any hints?

Seat Post Breaking Crash from Toby on Vimeo.

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