Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thank you Zoot

So the weather has turned and it's making for some chilly rides.  I mostly get out in the afternoon when it can be kind of warm but cools off quickly.  Everyday it's a challenge to put on just the right amount of clothing and not be too hot on the climbs and freezing for the descents. 
Back in August I got a sponsor package from Zoot sports.  And I was a little surprised to see a good collection of cool weather gear mixed in with the awesome tri shorts, the wicked light and fast racing flats and other warm weather gear that's made training much more comfortable.  But right now it's the running tights, and jackets that are reigning the closet. Zoot's got the jackets figured out, with the right amount of warmth, wind protection, fit and style.  Plus on the biking jacket I like the doubled up stash pockets in the back, and the wind proof front, and the yellow piping. That one's my fav right now.....mmmmm yellow piping.  
It's always a satisfying feeling when I come back in from a ride and I'm neither too not nor too cold.  And I gotta say my new Zoot wardrobe is making it pretty easy.

So, while I'm on the topic, I thought I might just say how fricken awesome my new Zenith is.  It's so nice to be in a snug wetsuit while still being able to move my shoulders freely.  I put it on and feel like a little torpedo, but the proof is in the pudding: dropped swim splits. Such a killer suit. 

I've been feeling pretty lucky to have received such a sweet package from Zoot.  So thanks again Zoot.  From the shoes to the wettie, the run shorts to the cycling vest, it's all awesome.  

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