Thursday, October 23, 2008

Man, flat tires suck

Especially when it's 6:05, it's getting daharker out, and it's like 38 degrees. Oh, and you don't have a spare tube, because last Friday you were out on your cross bike and got a flat when you were out on some jeep trail way far away from where you're staying in a town you've never been to. So you have to walk home for over an hour, before getting a lift. And when you go to replace that tube you realize that the only freshie you have is in your road bike saddle bag. No biggie right? I'll totally replace that tube right away. And I don't get road flats that often....yeah just my luck.

Well the good thing was that I was on 142 between Bratt and Vernon. Where there would be a lot traffic heading into town. The weird thing was that most of the cars that passed me while I was hitching were white plates. Like a lot of whiters. Turns out they were all here to change the fuel in the plant while Yankee is "shut down". There shift must have ended at six. I got a ride from a nice guy named Chris from CT. Thanks Chris.

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