Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A win is a win....I guess

But when you win by a 10% margin, get lost for 4 minutes on the run and are in a first year race with only 80 people it somehow doesn't feel so special.
Arguably I've worked hard to be able to go as fast as I went. But I've been wanting to win a triathlon for a long time and it just doesn't seem to have that luster to it.
But my run felt really good and that's a positive sign. I had the fastest swim split and I think that'll be the only time that'll ever, I repeat EVER, happen. The Tolland sprint was a good race and I figured out a couple of things, so it was a good day.
Results are here: Tolland Sprint
Shwag: A bottle of '06 Sterling Vintner's Collection Chardonnay and a paper first place certificate

I also raced in the Putney Mountain bike race on Sunday.
Another pretty decent day on the ponies. I came through with a muddy 2nd place. The skies opened up (and I'm talking serious down pour, inch and a half of rain) on the 3rd of three laps and turned the dusty trails to slick mud. I was ridding Cary Fridrich's wheel for the first two laps and planed on making a move before the beginning of the technical section on the last lap. But he kept pushing harder than I felt like ridding on the ups. Kind of demoralizing to let some one take off because you don't feel like hurting. But after all I'm a triathlete right? Not a mountain biker. Hum.....well, that's what I'm gonna tell my self so I can sleep.
Results are here: Putney MTB
Shwag: A pair of west hill socks size medium and a Silver root 66 medal


Scooter said...

I'm signed up for Give Peace a TRI on July 5th—
Get your registration on so I can give you a run for your $$$ Lil Bro! You can feel REALLY fast again next week! x|x M

Colin R said...

Personally, I would blame the rear canti.

Toby said...

I feel that the poor breaking power challenges me to go faster on the downs