Monday, June 30, 2008

Well that was fun

I ran by Living Memorial Park last Friday just as the lane lines were being pulled out for the summer Bratt swim team swim practice. I stopped and asked if the lanes are up when practice is over. Turns out there's a lane up all afternoon and evening.
It was a beautiful afternoon and I decided to see how the swimming was at LMP. Feeling a little out of place in my speedo I made my way into the pool as quickly as I could. There was like a bajillion kids running around, eating notchos, splashing in the pool, jumping off the diving board etc. But, I mean who cares what a bunch of teens and grade schoolers (and some parents and guards) really think right? Yeah....Not unless you're wearing a speedo.
Any way.
The pool was pretty kicking. Not that I dislike the Craponial. But this pool felt so clean and fast. Granted being the public town pool with more kids than a J.T. concert, there was probably a very large urine to chlorinated water ratio. But I tried to block that out and enjoy the sun and open sky and fast water.
The pool's only open 'till the end of August, but man what a treat to be pulling laps out side. Plus there was only one large black girl that ducked under water to watch me swim by every lap. Bonus!


Ben said...

sounds like you found someone to keep an eye on your technique... good deal.

Toby said...

yeah my 'technique'...if that's what you want to call it.