Monday, May 12, 2008

This Jersey just feels Ugly

Thanks to an anonymous friend I recently got a really good deal on some Craft goods. For a little while now, I've been looking for an all black bike Jersey. Not so easy to find as it turns out. But I was looking on the Craft website and saw this:

Awe man this is perfect! It's a pretty sweet looking Black jersey with just a little subtle green piping right? I got such a good deal that I hooked it up with two of these jerseys. Man I'm so gonna rock the all black ensemble now. Rock racing watch out! Boo yah

Incidentally my Tri friend Chris Bagg was recently picked up by Craft and got a big box of clothing from them not too long ago. He affectionately described some of the styling as 'very euro'. I wasn't quite sure what he meant and thought he was being tough on the graphic designing.
But got damn he was way right. Package on the stoop, sweet! Rip it open, yes! Throw on my new all black jersey, No! Bah! There is way more green than advertised and it's much brighter and hideous than I had thought it would be.
It makes me a little bit nauseous every time I look at it. And oh, I had another seriously debilitating stomach bug last week. Which made the timing of my Craft package really bad. I was a little delirious and if my thoughts wandered over to Craft, or that package of goodies, then they inevitably lead to that damn jersey. Consequently I would get very queasy and wonder if I would make it to the toilet in time.
I was hoping that such an experience would pass as the sickness went away, but honestly it's been a little tough writing this post with that picture to my left.

On the up side! I rode in that jersey today and for the most part I can't see the green on the jersey while I'm riding. (Especially if I'm in the boring aerobars) But I pity the fool trying to duck into my draft. (Or driving by me, or walking in the other direction, or innocently watching traffic go by.) And I still have a second jersey, size medium, in it's original packaging if you're interested. Sounds hard to resist huh?

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