Monday, May 12, 2008

The Right Gear

I gotta say, one of my favorite things is having the right gear for the right outing/conditions/sport. I do a lot of sports and have no problem wearing x-c warm-ups on a winter hike. Not ideal but they work pretty damn well. Or making due with some marginally acceptable gear if I'm just starting to try out a sport.
But I've gone on enough cool weather bike rides trying to wear ski tights (not warm enough, or stretchy in the right ways) that I really appreciate the Specialzed leg warmers I bought last fall. They're all fuzzy inside and do a swell job blocking the wind, yum!
Or heading out on a winter hike with all the right layers on, gaiters covering up the tops of the waterproof boots. Getting to the top and throwing on the windproof shell. Ummm...
Guess it comes down to having gear that performs a job so you're comfortable. After all 'There's no bad weather. Just inappropriate clothing.' Right?
But still, getting suited up and saying 'I am so prepared to go out now.' That's the feeling I like.

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