Saturday, April 9, 2011

Toby Doesn't Work

Ahhhh yes. The ironic title of this blog has not escaped me.

And it's arisen to my conscious that perhaps I should have named it tobywerks. To give it an Anglo-German twist that might properly reflect my desire to describe the fact that I'd like to showcase the product of the "Tobyworks" process. Instead of a misnomer that leads the reader into the poor misconception that I actually do work.

e.g.: "Wow, look that is the coolest flag designed by the Tobywerks."
Not: "Man, if he never posts why's he braggin' that, 'Toby works'?"

It's supposed to be a conjunction...dang, nevermind.

Either way, it's kind of inaccurate when I haven't posted for 4 months.

Perhaps the title should be: "Toby's Blog. Where he'll post about something mildly interesting from time to time."



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