Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back 'er up

Hey here's a couple of round ups from races.

Lowell way back: Front row start next to stars and stripes. (Thanks sandbaging/being fast!) I was holding my own with the front group, whom I arguably had no business being with, for the first lap. And was working too hard. But I felt like I could hang for a while. But then I decided to take an alternate line coming onto the track around the ball field. And it was a horrible line, I hit a post went way or course, had to dodge the tape to get back on track, and lost the lead group. So I was in the chase.
On the next lap a couple of juniors hit it way too hard for a sixty minute race.
My race settled into a battle between Matt Myette, Chris Hamlin and me.
I had raced against Chris last weekend and Paradise cross and was hoping I could prevail again.

Sure enough Chris led for too long, and on the last lap when he decided to pull over and let someone else take a turn, it was all systems go, and Matt hung on to my wheel as we opened enough of a cushion. Through the last few turns I had no choice but to try and hit it hard and hope to toast Matt. It was enough and he let me hold on to a 9th place finish. Bummer I made such a bone head move in the beginning. But we had a good race and you have to take chances some wheres.

Day two at NBX was pretty vanilla. The highlights were that: the first lap wasn't as hard as it was on Saturday; Chandler didn't crash in front of me; I mached any attacks; I followed Nate Morse for a while, but once Adam St. Germain started catching up I took off for the win. Yeah, great, a win...man I need to upgrade.

Ice weasels.
Not only did I get heckled for racing the 3's the past two weekends, I got heckled for warming up period, warming up on a trainer. and not drinking beer before the race.
I broke my seatpost on lap three or so, by not finding my pedals as I rode down the fly over. The next two laps were ridding sans saddle. Which is way trickier than you may think. For sitting and for balance, plus remounting is really hard.
Thank you thank you goes out to Matt for rustling me up a bike with egg beaters on it. So awesome man, thanks! I don't think I could have done eight more laps without a saddle.

Since I rode for three laps without a saddle and rode the rest of the race on a new/random bike and still ended up 4th, I think it's safe to say I didn't take enough beer feeds...or carrot or cabbage feeds. sigh...

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