Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CSI Northampton, Days 1 and 2

Hey bout time I mentioned these races.

In a nut shell it went down like this:
Day 1: Started on the 5th row (thank you CrossResults points from the last two years) and got to staging just as they called my name... Phew, almost missed it. Some junior next to me on the line, kept babbling on and told me it was a bad time to adjust my tire pressure...dude seriously shut it and take out your notebook.

Because the gun went off and I took my left side line and barely missed a huge pile-up. I broke through the tape and smashed a white pole while avoiding the carnage. I ducked back under the tape and found lots of room before the first chicane again down the left line. And then more room on the left after the chicane on the pavement. Already towards the top 15 through the run-up, and I tried to keep passing through the technical upper-deck. It blows my mind that during the first half lap people won't use the whole course to move up and pass, but just stay in a line through the corners.
As we started making our way around the fast lower deck I somehow managed to make it up to the lead group. I hung at the back there for a while but then managed to move up after a few people, ahem, stacked it in the sand and the group got smaller. Then it got down to four. I found myself at the front, which was were I wanted to be coming in to two more. Then it would be time for someone else to take the lead until I threw down on the last lap.....but sadly that plan went to shit when I dropped my chain right before the ride-up. Could there have been a worse place? This ment I had to stop, put my chain on, run the ride-up and then play chase. I made a solid effort, but couldn't come back from the hole I dug. Fourth was still good, albeit frustrating, and I managed to hold Ryan White at bay.

Sunday was a little more simple.

Third row start, using Saturday's points. Lined up on the left, and moved up to third wheel coming off the pavement past the finish line. Synjen was in front of me and when Austin Pferd/Horse broke away he made no effort to attack, and by the time I tried to cover Austin's move it was too late to catch up. But never the less I spent the next 45 minutes trying. Granted later in the race I was more concerned with Ryan White not catching me again. Pretty much a big TT out there. Yeah, thanks for that Austin. 2nd place: I'll take it...cash money!

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