Monday, December 14, 2009

Ice Weasels Bar Cam

Here's the first lap and a half of the Ice Weasels Commeth avec comentaire.

Race report is here.

I hope to put together a highlight reel of the rest of the race.

Ice Weasels from Toby on Vimeo.

I know I say this every time....but, keep in mind the quality just isn't so hot. Perhaps it's the iMovie? Reminds me of the early days of Colin's seatcam. Clearly something can change. I mean look at the text...even that is blury and that was sooo not blury when it was typed in iMovie. Sigh...


Maybe my brain with it's pea-sized knowledge of computer processes will think that I can upload the video in youtube and have it look better...ummm nope. But here it is any way

You tell me.


Colin R said...

If you're wondering why my video quality got so good this year, it's cuz I'm using a Flip HD now.

Yours looks about how mine used to. There's not much you can do, although what export quality are you using from IMovie? I go with "large" for the HD ones.

Could be your IMovie codec too, since it doesn't natively support avi files.

season's over though. Put it on your boot and do the Stowe Derby for me!

Big Bikes said...

Nice! Didn't realize you were running a bar cam. Sorry Steve and I had no idea who you were...until you made up a billion spots and started vying for the win. Good ride.


Toby said...

Hmmmm. Colin;

My compression is High and I have 24 fps. I followed vimeo's tutorial for exporting and so I think I'm on the right track. I think you're right that it's the non-hd camera esp because it looks like your's used to.

Did you see that mad bunny hop action though!

Tom; Not a problem, being only my second race of season I'm coming out of no where. Thanks for the props any way and the phone!

Colin R said...

I hate to admit it but you were definitely hopping faster than I was. Man I gotta stop the front wheel tap and just air it out like a ... triathlete?