Thursday, February 12, 2009

Roti Mataba!

Wow this stuff is good. I don't know about you. But I've never really seen 'roti' before. Much less roti packed with curried chicken. It's basically fried dough or sorts. The sweet stuff is all over the place. And by all over the place I mean at all the street food vendor locales plus there are guys pushing carts around ready to make an instant roti.

Roti is a pretty thin dough that gets oil fried on a big shallow pan. The sweet stuff usually has banana in it, sometimes with the addition of an egg, and then is covered with condensed milk and chocolate sauce, or no chocolate and sugar. (just dough with milk and sugar seemed to be a popular option with the Thais too)

Don't get me wrong. This stuff is amazing. It probably scores abut a two on the health factor. (that would be the banana rising it from a 1) And since it's not deep fried it seems to be not so bad for you. But if I said that I'd be lying.

Well Mataba is the Roti dough filled with amazing Muslim curried chicken. I had to have two. Again, not the highest scoring of health foods. But can i say that my three hour a.m. bike ride negated the oil? I'd like to.

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