Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh lord stuck in Loie again

So it turns out it's really hard to order Isan (that's the region) Thai food without an English menu, only being able to speak limited Thai and with Thai staff that speak no English. And there's a table full of middle-aged Thai guys getting drunk at 3 on a Saturday afternoon that only know how to say, "Oh, Hello!.....Oh!" and then a whole bunch of Thai gibberish.

I went down the street and settled for a shiska-bob and some rice. The latter was actually really hard to get. There were like 20 food stalls on this closed street and most of them didn't have rice (hard to belive I know) and the one that I found that did was very confused when I only wanted rice from them. Fried rice? Pepper rice? Rice with chicken? Mai! Mai! Just rice. I did finally get it though. Stupid Farang.

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