Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's pretty much the Toby Wells show 'till the end

Northampton Cyclocross 2/3 Men Laps 6&7 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Had to post it. Plus it's some exciting racing esp. at the end.


Jamie said...

Cool video Toby. Where did that guy have the camera strapped?

Are you racing in Plymouth this weekend? I won't be there Saturday, but will probably be in the Cat 4 race on Sunday morning.

Toby said...

Jamie, thanks for checking in. Colin R. has been attaching his camera to the back of his seat for a few races now. he has more footage at

I won't be down at Plymouth this weekend. I'm racing the VT circuit. Ascutney and Putney.
After this weekend I'll probably be at Brockton then Lowell.
Pretty fun ain't it?

Colin R said...

Wish the camera had been pointing sideways for the final sprint. Kind of anticlimactic since you're out of the picture.