Friday, July 25, 2008


Fricken water aerobics!!! Wow, this is the second time in three weeks that I've gotten closed out of a pool becuase of water aerobics. The first was down in Vernon and there was a whole lane open and seperated by a lane maker that wasn't being used....but nooooooo I couldn't use it becuase the pool was 'closed'. With like 10 people doing aquaerobics in the other 6 lanes of the pool. But I couldn't use the lane becuase the pool was 'closed' and that's the way it works.

Now I just got closed out the craponial because some funky thirty something, glasses in the pool wearing, lady was rolling her hands around in the air like she belonged in the mud pit at a phish concert. Her two little groupies were jaming along with her to the tune of an irish jig, I kid you not. Three people need three lanes of the damned pool? I think not. But I couldn't swim down in the open lane because they need their "peaceful, quite time" her words not mine.

I wanna say that maybe they should aquasize for more than 50 minutes a couple times a week so they'll actually loose a couple of lbs, then they could do real exercise like the rest of us, instead of their current half assed physical activity. But I know I shouldn't say that, and I could never understand what it's like to have my body be fighting me every day and all that, and it's good for them to be doing something. They should just do that something in only part of the stupid pool.

so there

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