Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lube it up!

So I accidentally forget to put on chamois cream before a couple of rides recently. Yeah, I know, bad idea.

I was out the door and just about on the pavement when I remembered, but said, "Screw it. It won't be that bad." Um, it's that bad. I know there's a reason that a put on chamois cream every day. I guess a reminder every once in a while isn't so bad. Even with really nice bike shorts the cream's pretty important.

Back in the day during roller skiing practice we'd through vasoline under the armpits to fight body chaffing. And that actually worked pretty well. Works pretty well on the groins too.

But since doing Tris I've started using Body Glide which is my overall favorite. A couple of years ago they changed the packaging and I swear they changed the formula and i don't like it as much but it still seems to be the most versatile and consistent product to date. Plus it's pretty cheap. 8 bucks for a stick and it lasts for many a swipe. And while vasoline works fairly well it's a little to sticky and sloppy.
I recently bought a tube of Chamois Butt'r. Works okay, but doesn't seem to hold up really well in all day situations or through the swim portion of Tri's. However the big plus is the tube format. You can squeeze a whole butt load of this stuff into your hand (and then your loins) and the quantity factor def seems to count for something. (I'm not sure about the larger dose in practice, but squeezing half a cup of goop into your draws sure makes you feel like you're going to have a smooth ride!)
Taking a hard stick of Body Glide and trying to rub it all over your goodies just isn't as pleasurable. In fact isn't not very pleasurable at all, and much less so when you're doing it in a parking lot before a race, with people around.
Any who, the other product I've used recently with even less success is Assos's Chamois Cream. I tried to blob it on but found that it didn't have much tenacity and wore out quickly. On the up side the witch hazel is tingly and cooling, and that's nice. Plus it reports healing properties and a whole list of stuff but I don't really buy it. I tried to rub it all over my chamois before my ride like they kind of suggest, but still with lack luster results. They suggest using this product to keep your chamois supple after your wash your shorts. But this stuff's also too expensive for that. In my book 20 bucks is too steep for keeping your chamois soft when you're not wearing your bibs and then having to come riding side saddle. I think I'll mix in some Gold Bond with my Body Glide and save a couple of bucks.

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sarah said...

i have actually witnessed the parking lot lube session..its like a bad accident, you can't help but watch!!!