Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Swimming SuperStar

Man, there is no better way to feel like a really fast swimmer than this:

You have to start by feeling slow and a little frustrated. Swimming at the Craponial is a great way to achieve this due to the slow water and poor general atmosphere. So I got this part covered.

After that you take your favorite wetsuit down to the river and swim downstream! I took a dip in the West river this afternoon and watched the rocks go zooming by underneath me. A tad of a current, a tailwind, a floaty wetsuit, a sunny nice afternoon....swimming just doesn't get much better.

...Of course I did have to turn around and come back up stream, but it actually wasn't that bad. Swimming in open water always draws up scary thoughts about the hidden stuff that's out to get you in water. I faired pretty well except for thoughts of two things: that guy who jumped to his half-death off the I-91 bridge last week (I swam right under the bridge in foot and a half deep water) and the 45 pound monster carp that was speared to it's death after an estimated 20 years of life. Man I am so glad I didn't see that carp swimming under me (or the dead guy).

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