Thursday, May 22, 2008

Something Nice

So Sarah says that after I say something negative I have to say something nice. So here it goes.

First off I would like to clarify that I don't dislike my Craft jersey. It's really comfortable and it fits well. The pockets in the back sag a tad and they're unusually low, however it's probably the nicest jersey I own. (But I still feel sorry for the people I pass on the street.)

Here's where I get nice: But I would like to say that Craft made some of my favorite clothing. I have a pair of Craft longjohns that I absolutely love. As well as a long sleeve shirt from them that's just bitchin'. The shorts that I got with my jersey are the best made pair I own and I always try to squeeze a second ride out of them before it's necessary to throw them in the hamper (and not pull them out again).
So in sumation Craft rocks! (Jersey's still ugly)

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